Horse-trade is about horse riding and horse training !

If you are a fan of horse riding, Equitack is the website where you need to be. We approach the universe of riding with a new and different look. With our expert and dynamic team, we are at your disposal for all information about your horse and even other equines.

Find all the thing you need about your horse

Equitack is the world of horses. You will find everything you need to know about horse riding (latest info and tips). Also, we offer you through the different sections of our website, services such as the sale of horses and ponies. Indeed, you will find on this website the horse you’ve always wanted. And this shall be a new experience or the opportunity to enrich your stable. Our teams are at your disposal to give you advices about choosing the good horse for you, etc. Also, Equitack offers high quality equipment for your horses. Find saddles adapted to your equine as other accessories such as brackets or even medical equipment.

Let professionals help you training your horses

Equitack is also a team of experienced trainers who accompany you in all of your actions. We offer you one of our many partners’ equestrian centers in order to train your horses in the best possible conditions. We also provide you horses, a training area and all required equipment like used western saddles for sale. Equestrian sport professionals (horse riding) will hone the techniques of their animals. As for equestrian enthusiasts (driving, training, endurance, jumping, etc.), our experts will accompany them during their learning. These equine behavior experts will bring an atmosphere of trust and complicity between your horse and you. Thus, after some time, your horse will obey to the least of your orders. The horses will have no secret for you. With Equitack, you will be an accomplished horseman.

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