Why western riding is the best

Western riding is defined as a style of horseback riding. It is well developed in the western country except English riding. Western Riding is also the name for a specific event within western competition where a horse performs a pattern that combines trail and reining elements. There is a contrast between western and English riding. It is the same thing with contrasts elements. Many people think that the western riding is the best but why? Horseback riding belong to the western events which is one the most important. A Western horse should be able to go forwards, backwards, sideways, turn and stop with slack still in its reins, and very little visible command from the rider.

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By the way people like it, the media give a great importance to the horseback riding. Then the mediacan confer a great place in their pages. The western riding can be consider as a part of the western culture even if it is from America by the Spanish. Other activities have the horse jumping obstacles that can be taller than the horse itself, or racing flat out at top speeds, although some Western Events also have horses running flat out, although they must make tight, sharp turns around barrels, or weave in and out of poles. That’s why we can consider the western riding as the best. Western pleasure is a showing class in which horses are shown in a group in the arena, performing changes of gait and direction as requested by the judge. Horses are judged for their appearance, style and movement. The larger Western saddle provides more stability, particularly in rough terrain. For these features cited, we can again accord to the western riding the place of the most important among the horseback riding. Just stay connected to our blog, which is available 24/7 to have a vue on the western events and also the News about that.